Sweet Crispy Mathris In Jaggery Sauce


Hello, and welcome to my cooking corner again. In the evenings, we all like to eat something light and tasty as a snack to satisfy our anytime-cravings. Some like, salty crunchy snacks and some like homemade sweet snacks apart from biscuits and nonkhatais. And everybody likes to eat mathris undoubtedly. Today I am sharing with you a  recipe of mathris with a different twist, Sweet Crispy Mathris In Jaggery Sauce. In this recipe, the mathris are dipped in a creamy, sweet jaggery and sugar sauce. It is handy and easy to make. I make this recipe frequently and everybody likes it. I hope you guys will like it too. So let’s start with the making—

Ingredients:-For the mathri dough:-

  1. All Purpose Flour(Maida)-2 cups
  2. Baking Powder-2 1/2 tsp
  3. Salt-A pinch
  4. Sugar-1/2 cup
  5. Fennel Seed Powder-1/2ṭsp
  6. Oil-2 tbsp
  7. Water-As needed

For the jaggery sauce:-

  1. Jaggery Powder-1 cup
  2. Water-1 cup
  3. Cardamom-2
  4. Sugar-1/2 cup


Step 1

Take a vessel. Add all the ingredients listed for making the dough in it. Mix it well. Leave it for 20 minutes before making the mathris. Now make the jaggery sauce. For that, take a vessel and add the ingredients listed to make jaggery sauce and cook it on medium flame till the sauce becomes of pouring consistency. Switch off the flame. Let it cool.

Step 2

20190619_155807.jpgTo come to the second phase of our preparation, heat vegetable oil and make small pooris from the above-made dough. Make thicker pooris, neither too big nor too small. Prick holes in the pooris with a fork so that the pooris can absorb the sauce. You can alternately make the mathris of your desired shape and size.

Step 3

When the oil becomes hot drop the pooris in the oil and fry them out till golden browned. Take care to fry these pooris on medium heat. Keep on a tissue paper to absorb extra oils. Store the mathris and sauce in two different jars. At the time of serving, break them into pieces and pour the jaggery sauce over it with an ice cream of your choice.

Our Sweet Crispy Mathris are done.

Do try the recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great week everyone. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!!!

Bon Appetit!!!



Cabbage Kheer


Hello everyone. Today is a dessert-special share and that too is quite tasty and unique in its line. It’s the recipe of Cabbage Kheer. It’s super sweet, super creamy and super good. Let’s start making it—


  1. Green Cabbage – 1/2 of 1.
  2. Milk – 1/2 lts.
  3. Sugar – 100 gms.
  4. Cardamom pods – 3.
  5. Dry fruits and kewra essence – optional.
  6. Milkmaid or Condensed Milk – 2 tbsp, optional.


Step 1

Wash and finely chop the cabbage. Blanch it. Boil milk likewise and reduce it to half its original amount. Take a vessel and add the boiled cabbage and milk to it along with sugar and cardamom pods. You can also add two tbsp of condensed milk in it to get a thicker texture, creamy sort of. You need to simmer the ingredients only for three minutes to get it done. If you do not boil the cabbage beforehand it will smell bad, with a rawness in it. So you must not omit this step.

Take it out in a serving bowl and you can garnish it with dry fruits and kewra essence but it is an optional step. Our cabbage kheer is ready. Serve it as a delicious dessert and have a great time.

Do try the recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!!!

Steamed Rice Flour Dumplings In Milk


Hello everyone and welcome to my food corner again. Well, this sweet dish is a very popular one amongst my family which I make every year. In our ancestral village when the rice crop matures, the new rice or “Naya Chawal “of the raw variety is found in abundance. So this dish is prepared in our village and in the whole of the Mithila community to which I belong and I have seen it made on the occasion of new year every year in my native place. I too have taken to the ancestral tradition and I make this sweet dish without fail every year on the new year eve and we have it with our friends, relatives and all others who come to my place. We enjoy its superb taste and surely it brings many memories of my stay at my village which is really priceless to me. So I wanted to share this unique dish with you. Here it goes—


  1. Rice flour – 300 gms.
  2. Milk – 1 1/2 lts.
  3. Sugar – 50 gms.
  4. Milkmaid – 2 tbsp.
  5. Nuts and Raisins(chopped)like Almond, Cashew, Walnut -A handful.
  6. Cardamom Powder – A pinch.
  7. Kesar – A pinch.


Step 1

Take rice flour in a bowl. Using some lukewarm water knead a pliable dough out of it.

Step 2

Take the milk in a boiler and reduce it to half its original amount or thicken it. Also, add 2 tbsp of milkmaid in it.

Step 3

Now make tiny balls of the rice flour dough and give it a star-like, round or cylindrical shape and boil some water in a saucepan. When it is steaming hot drop these tiny dumplings in this water and let it remain as such for around twenty minutes. When it gets hardened enough(you can touch it to see its firmness)take it out and keep aside.

Step 4 

Now when the milk is properly thickened add sugar, into it and then drop these steamed dumplings in it slowly. Let it cook for twenty minutes. Mix in the nuts and enjoy.

Our Steamed Rice Dumpling Porridge is ready. Serve it by sprinkling some saffron and cardamom powder over it. It is very tasty and a great sumptuous sweet dish of my house which is liked by all in my family. I hope you like it too.

Do try this recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great week everyone. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!




Jaggery Kheer


Hello friends and welcome again to my cozy food corner. Today we’ll be learning how to make Jaggery or Gur Kheer. It’s a great dessert made with rice cooked in milk and jaggery which gets a classy taste of jaggery, is creamy and is a likable twist from the plain kheer. This dish is a famous one in India and is considered very important on holy occasions like pujas where it is the primary item which is offered to Gods.


  1. Milk – 1 kg.
  2. Raw Rice – 100 gms.
  3. Jaggery – 150 gms.
  4. Dried Fruits like cashew, raisin, almond, walnut, pistachio.
  5. Milkmaid(optional) – 2 tbsp.
  6. Cardamom – 2.
  7. Dry coconut pieces or Khopra – a handful.


Step 1

Firstly boil the milk. Now take the given amount of milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and add rice to it. Now cover the vessel with a lid and let the ingredients get cooked. You can pressure cook alternately the rice and milk till done.

Step 2

Now add the jaggery in the kheer and also add dry fruits of your choice. You can add milkmaid also for a creamier and tastier version of this dish at the end after you have switched the gas off. Lastly, sprinkle a pinch of cardamom powder in the kheer along with dry coconut or khopra cut into very small pieces.

Our creamy, sweet and wonderful Jaggery Kheer is ready. It is best enjoyed when served hot.

Do try this recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great weekend filled with fun and creativity. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!!!

Boondi Kheer


Hi, dear friends. Today I’ll be sharing with you an exotic dessert made from sweet boondis in creamy milk with nuts which is awesome to taste and enjoyable to make. So let’s start—


  1. Boondi -250 gms.
  2. Milk – 1 kg.
  3. Nuts – Cashew, Raisin, Almond, Pistachio, Walnut.
  4. Sugar – 1 cup.
  5. Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp.

For making the boondiya:-

  1. Besan or Gram Flour – 250 gms.
  2. Water – 1 cup.
  3. Sugar – 50 gms.
  4. Baking Powder – 1/2 tsp.
  5. Vegetable oil – For frying.


Step 1

To make the boondiya take a bowl and add fresh gram flour or besan to it. Now we will add water so that a batter of dropping consistency is formed. The batter must not be too thin or too thick, just right so that it can drop out of the perforated ladle to make the boondis.

Step 2

Next, add the given amount of sugar to it and mix it well.

Step 3

Heat vegetable oil in a deep bottomed vessel and when it gets quite hot pour the batter a little at a time over the perforated ladle so that small pearls of the besan batter fall in the oil from the ladle.

Step 4

Let the boondiya get a little reddish and then scoop it out from the vessel so that they don’t get burnt.

Step 5

Now to make the sugar syrup, take some water in a vessel. When it boils, add some sugar to it. Let it boil for some time till it gets thickened. Mix the boondiya in this sugar syrup or ‘chashni’ and then sieve it out and keep it aside.

Step 6

The boondiyas are just ready. Let it cool.

Step 7

Take a heavy bottomed karahi and add one-liter of milk to it. Add 1/2 tsp of cardamom powder to it. Let it boil on medium flame.

Step 8

When the milk gets thickened and becomes half of the original quantity add sugar to it. Let it cool. After getting cooled whip it up in a mixer-grinder. It will get a creamy texture. Now add the boondiyas to it along with dry nuts like cashews, raisins, almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. You can also add some kewra or rose essence if you want to but it is optional.

Refrigerate this dish and enjoy it with you regular platter. It sure will delight you.

Do try this recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback. Have a great week friends. Till then healthy cooking, happy living!!!




Pumpkin Porridge


Hello and welcome dear friends. Today I’m sharing a yummy dessert recipe of Pumpkin Porridge which is a tasty change from normal routinely eating. It’s sweet, creamy, satisfying and really great for special occasions or weekend celebrations. So let’s start—


  1. Green pumpkin(deskinned and grated) – 1.
  2. Milk – 1/2 litres.
  3. Dry fruits – Cashew nuts, raisins, almonds, pistachios.
  4. Milkmaid – 1/2 cup.
  5. Green Cardamom – 1 or 2.
  6. Sugar or sugar-free – 2 tbsp.
  7. Decrusted bread slices – 2.


Step 1

Wash and peel the skin off the pumpkin. Use green pumpkin for this dish. Then grate it.

Step 2 

Boil milk and add the grated pumpkin into the milk. Then add two cardamoms, all the dry fruits, sugar or sugar-free and cook it in an open mouth vessel.

Step 3

When it gets thickened take it off the gas and add some milkmaid to it and add two pieces of de-crusted bread slices.

Step 4

Let it cool in refrigerator and enjoy the yummy taste and thick texture of this awesome porridge made from pumpkin. It’s worth giving a try.

Friends do try this awesome dish at home and let me know your views. Do share your feedback and comments and clarify any doubt. I hope this dish won’t disappoint you. Till then happy living, healthy cooking!!!




Hello and welcome dear friends. Today I’ll be sharing a delicacy of north India, Hilsa, which is a delicious sweet dish made with rice flour and jaggery and is just awesome to taste and even quite simple to make. So let us start—


  1. Rice Flour – 250 gm.
  2. Jaggery or Gur Powder – 100 gm.
  3. Fennel or Saunf – 1/2 tsp.
  4. Vegetable Oil – for frying.
  5. Water – 1/2 cup.


Step 1

Take the rice flour in a bowl. Now take a half cup of water and jaggery in a kadhai and boil it together with some saunf while stirring it consistently. When one string thickness or consistency is got in the jaggery-water mixture, turn off the gas.

Step 2

Now add the rice flour slowly to it and keep on stirring continuously. Let it cool.

Step 3

When it gets cooled the mixture should resemble a dough. Now make long cylindrical shapes out of it and drop it one by one into hot vegetable oil. Take care not to turn them to both sides very frequently as they can break.
Step 4 

Brown them on both sides and take them out slowly. Drain the excess oil on a tissue paper.

The dish, Hilsa is ready.

Note Points:- 1. The rice flour should be fresh for best results.

2. The oil must be hot when you drop the rice balls into it.

3. You can make these in any shape you want to, either round, square or cylindrical.

Do try this recipe at home and do write your suggestions and clear your doubts if you have any. This dish can be served with ice cream or had just on its own. Till then happy cooking, healthy living!!!