Mixed Veggie Pickle


Hello friends. Welcome once again. Today let us learn how to make a pickle from mixed vegetables like carrot, radish, raw turmeric, ginger and green chilly. Its an exciting, super easy and quick recipe and combines in itself the goodness of taste and also health. It can be made side by side with your lunch or dinner dishes. It can be served with tandoori rotis, rumali rotis, stuffed paranthas and the like. So do try to make it and I am sure you will like it as well. So let’s start with its making—


    1. Carrot – 100 gms.
    2. Radish – 100 gms.
    3. Ginger – 100 gms.
    4. Raw turmeric – 100 gms.
    5. Green Chilly- 100 gms.
    6. Salt – according to taste.
    7. Vinegar – 1 small bottle.


Step 1

Wash, dry and cut the veggies in strips.

Step 2

Take a glass jar and add cut veggies, salt, vinegar to the jar. Put that amount of vinegar which is needed to submerge the veggies in it.

Step 3

Mix it all up and put it in sunlight for 5 days after which the pickle gets ready to be served. This pickle can be had with paranthas, puris, kachoris and phulkas.

Friends, do try this recipe at home. Share your comments and feedback and clear your queries. Thanks. Have a good time, everyone, enjoy.