Potato Pickle


Hi, friends welcome again. Earlier we made easy pickle recipes of vegetables and fruits like raw mango, jackfruit, cauliflower, green chillies. Now let us move further in the line and continue our quest by knowing about instant pickles which can be made in a hurry, are easy and handy to make and are delicious to taste. I regularly make these recipes in my kitchen and they are loved by all in my family. So let us start by knowing about a very tasty pickle recipe made with the housewives favourite veggie i.e, potato.


  1. Potatoes – 2 cups.
  2. Black Mustard or Rai – 1 tsp.
  3.  Salt – According to taste.
  4. Mustard Oil – 2 tsp.
  5. Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp.
  6. Hing powder – A pinch.
  7. Dry mango or Amchur Powder – A pinch.
  8. Synthetic Vinegar – 2 tsp.
  9. Black Salt – According to taste.


Step 1 

Boil the potatoes, preferably big sized, remove the skin and cut them into bite-sized pieces.

Step 2

Grind the black mustard or rai to a powder.

Step 3 

In a bowl take the cut potatoes and to it add the salt, both kinds, chilly powder, dry mango powder, asafoetida powder, some mustard oil and lastly synthetic vinegar and give all a good stir.

The instant recipe is ready in an instant! We can now eat it as it is totally ready. But in summers it must be kept in the refrigerator or it can go bad. This pickle can be enjoyed with poori subzi, malpuas and many other dishes. So go ahead and make this recipe in your homes and enjoy its great taste in any season. Please share your comments and feedback regarding this recipe and clear doubts if any. Thanks. Have a great week, enjoy.